Here you will get all the information about stage 2 - Home.

You will have a two week timeframe to complete

two workouts at your home gym. 


Workout 1 - HELVETIA

12:00 AMRAP (running clock)

Climb up the ladder as far as possible

2/4/6/... burpees to wall

2/4/6/... alternating DB snatches

2/4/6/... wallballs

Score: total number of repetitions

Workout 2 - CERVIN

10:00 running clock

For time:

1000 / 900 m row

In the remaining time AMRAP of:

10 hops over the rower

10 toes to bar / hanging knee raises

10 thrusters


The standards can be downloaded here. Read it carefully. If the standards are not met, then penalties will be deducted from the final result.
In the standards you can also see what you have to pay attention to in the video recordings. If the repetitions are not clearly visible to us on the videos, this will also lead to point deductions.

The scoresheets can be found at the bottom of each workout description.

If you have any further questions about the standards, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail at info@swissfitnesschallenge.ch.


You've already got 2 scores from the first stage. Now we add 3 more scores. Below is listed how many points you can earn for each workout (maximum points per event): 

FunRun:                                  max 100 points

Functional Challenges:     max 100 points

Workout 1 - Helvetia:         max 100 points

Workout 2A - Cervin:         max 50 points

Workout 2B - Cervin:         max 50 points

Video and score submission.

All athletes need to upload a video for the review of the standards. Here is how you do it:

1. Upload your video to your youtube or vimeo account. You can upload it not listed or open to everyone. Please don't upload it private because then we are not able to see the video. 

2. Send us the link via this form here and also enter your scores here. We will then review your videos and upload your score to the leaderboard, as soon as it is approved.



Here you can find all the important dates for stage 2.

05.11.2022 - 10:00: Release of the workouts

The workouts will be released on this homepage and on social media. 

05.11.2022 - 19.11.2022: Time to do the workouts

You are allowed to do the workouts as often as you wish. You can only upload one score per workout.

19.11.2022 - 23:59: Deadline to upload your workouts

The scores must be uploaded by you as latest as this time. If there is no score sent to us by this time, you will not have any score.

28.11.2022: Invitations to the final will be sent out

The uploaded videos are reviewed by us and the final score will be approved by us. You will then recieve an email if you made it to the finals.