Here you get all the information you need for our run

around lake "Rotsee" in Lucerne on the 3rd of September 2022.


Lake Rotsee is located between the city Lucerne and the village Ebikon. It is 2.5 km long and very well known for rowing regattas like "Lucerne Regatta".

The area of Rotsee is a nature reserve area and a recreational area for a lot of people who live in Lucerne, Ebikon or nearby.

Around Lake Rotsee is a beautiful path which is about 6 km long. There is a driving ban on the entire path which makes it perfect for a run.

The Run.

The run around lake Rotsee is about 6 km long. 


Your check-in point is next to the parking of Restaurant Seehüsli.

You will get there your starting number and a stick which takes your time. Please bring your ID oder passport with you.

You will start your run around the lake at a specifically individual time

(will be communicated beforehand).


After approximately each kilometer a challenge awaits you.

We will not tell you what kind of challenges. Prepare for the unknown. The standards can be seen here.


After you completed the run, you will check out at the starting point. You will get your goodie bag and your competitor t-shirt there. 


You don't need to be a great runner to have a good score.

For this event you will get two scores:

1. Your time for the run around the lake

2. Your scores of the challenges

How does it work?

You will get a stick with which you will log yourself in when you are starting. Everytime you get to a new challenge, you will log yourself out and before you start running again after the challenge you will log yourself in again. In the end, we will sum up all the times of your run which gives you the total time for your run. The fastest runner takes the first place.

Each challenge will also give you a score. Our judges will take your time or your scores. Each challenge will get a first place finisher. All your scores of every challenge will give you a final score for all challenges.

All of you are advancing to stage 2 (HOME). After Stage 2, you will have another two scores and therefore a total of 4 scores.

The best 6 male and 6 female athletes in each division will then qualify for the finals in December 2022. 

For the details about the scoring of stage 2 and your qualification for stage 3 check the side "Home".

How to get there.

Public Transportation

The best way to get to the starting point of the run is using public transportation. Take the train to Lucerne mainstation.

You then have two different options which bus you want to use:

  • Bus Nr. 19: take the Bus until "Urnerhof". From there it is a 15 Minute walk to the starting Point.
  • Bus Nr. 1: take the Bus until "Weggismatt". From there it is a 20 Minute walk to the starting Point.


There are a lot of car parking spaces around the venue. Please use an official parking space and check the payment at the parking space.

  • Rotsee, Seehüsliweg, Luzern: just next to the starting point.
  • Riedstrasse, Luzern: a few minutes from the starting point.
  • Friedentalstrasse, Luzern: 15 minutes walk to the starting point.

Registration & Pricing.


Register yourself for the Swiss Fitness Challenge and participate

in the first Swiss competition that consists of 3 stages.


The price for all 3 stages is CHF 99.-. That includes the following:

  • Starting fees for all 3 stages
  • Competitor t-shirt
  • Goodie bag

Starting Times.

We don't want to do a mass start, that's why everyone gets their individual starting time. Only two people start together and every 5-10 minutes a new team starts. You don't have to run with your partner, you just start with your partner.

Due to this starting organisation, we will release a starting time list here one week before the start. The earliest start is at 10:00.

Any Questions?

Check the FAQ's below. If you don't find an answer, reach out to us and we will answer your questions.


We will write here down all questions you had about the event.

Check them for more information or reach out to us, if you can't find an answer.

Can I leave my baggage somewhere at the starting point?

Can I leave my baggage somewhere at the starting point?

Someone is check-in you in and checking you out at the starting point. You can leave your baggage there but we do not take any responsibility if something get lost. Please leave valubale stuff at your car or at home. 

Can I buy some meals or have a beer after the run?

Can I buy some meals or have a beer after the run?

Next to the starting point is the Restaurant "Seehüsli". We are happy that we have a collaboration with them and you can have a beer or eat something after the run.

Are there any toilets around lake rotsee?

Are there any toilets around lake rotsee?

You are allowed to use the toilets at the restaurant "Seehüsli" next to the starting point.